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De Dwergen van Nidavellir

Nidavellir, the Dwarf Kingdom, is threatened by the dragon Fafnir. As a venerable Elvaland, you have been appointed by the King. Search through every tavern in the kingdom, hire the most skillful dwarves, recruit the most prestigious heroes, and build the best battalion you can to defeat your mortal enemy! Each turn in Nidavellir, bid a coin on each tavern. In descending order, choose a charact...[Read More]

De Dwergen van Nidavellir Review

Dwergen kennen hun oorsprong in de Noordse mythologie. Volgens hardnekkige geruchten leven ze in Nidavellir, een plaats midden in Yggdrasil. Het zijn robuuste kereltjes met een zwak voor goud. Ze eten tuinkaboutertjes als ontbijt. Door hun angst voor zonlicht hebben slechts weinigen hen al echt gezien. Hun smeedkunsten staan ten dienste van vorsten en goden. Ze smeedden de hamer van Thor en de spe...[Read More]

Raccoon Tycoon NL

Astoria is a land bustling with productivity and growth! New towns, factories, and railroads are springing up across the land. A few savvy business tycoons (you and your opponents) are determined to make your fortunes on the crest of this wave. These tycoons start out as the producers of the key commodities: wheat to feed the growing towns and factories, wood and iron to build them, coal to fuel t...[Read More]

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