In an uchronic, early 1900s world, non-renewable resources are dying out. While miners extract the last strands of coal from the Northern European fields, and the cargo ships travel from the mining sites with their half-empty bellies, four gigantic explosions form many freshwater basins in the heart of the Alps, putting an end to the Great War. Meanwhile the echo of an extraordinary scientific discovery resonates, reaching the population: Nikola Tesla, who has been missing for years, announces to the world the creation of a new, large-capacity electrical transformer; a device so powerful to convert water potential into electricity to meet – by scores – the needs of a post-industrial metropolis. A handful of investors immediately sniff out the deal: supported by world’s governments, worried by the conflict and by the energy crisis all over the West, they immediately start working to explore the new technology. The Blue Gold Rush has just began! A brand new heavy Eurogame from Tommaso Battista and Simone Luciani, for 2-4 tycoons brought to you by Cranio Creations!

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